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Heartbeat - You Can Make My Heart Beat

Updated: Nov 3, 2017

Label: CBS - Format: 12" - Country: Germany - Released: 1984

This band obviously named itself based on its one-hit title track.  I first discovered this beauty while record shopping in Vancouver seven years ago, and was initially attracted to it because of its new-age, abstract record cover.  After a few listens, it quickly grew into one of my favorite italo tunes (and guilty pleasures) of all time with its catchy chorus, heavy synth stabs, and incredible drum solo (that's right... drum solo).   The link below is a condensed radio edit (unfortunately sans drum solo) but has the benefit of an amazing video. The 12" on CBS has a gorgeous extended version with more punchy 80's percussion and FM synth stabs. Simply the best!!  Enjoy!

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